“But God…a journey” is a must read for anyone who has questioned the goodness of God or the meaning of life, no matter what life has looked like for you. It is Carla’s journey from anger and disbelief about her circumstances to, not only accepting, but embracing what life has handed her. It is also the journey about her doubting the goodness of God to an increased realization about the enormity of His love for her, for all of us. Through her journey, she has a greater understanding of God’s heart.​

​​We can choose to let life make us bitter, or we can choose, like Carla did, to see a need others have and address that need so they can succeed in life. Even if you’re not a single mom, or the mom of a single mom, you will relate to Carla’s journey because it is the journey of life we all travel.

Christine Reyes,

Chief Executive Officer  
​CPC of Greater Phoenix 

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​Tom Lothamer, President
Life Matters Worldwide

Carla has walked a path that none of us would choose for our daughter, and by sharing her experience in a transparent way in her book "But God...a Journey" she takes us by the hand and - leads us to a place where we can more fully comprehend the heart of Christ through scripture. 

We share in her heartbreak, forgiveness, joy and ultimate revelation that God will use our experiences for so much more than we ever dream. Carla compels us to search our hearts for what we can do to make a difference in the life of a young mother and her child. But God… takes you by the hand and never lets go.

Mom, I’m pregnant,” are perhaps the most feared words a parent can hear from their teenage daughter.

But God… is a candid look into the heart-felt journey of a pro-life, Christian mother who never dreamed she’d be asked to walk this path. In her journal-like, prayer-like account, Carla Ludwig escorts the reader to the peaks and valleys of traveling the pro-life road when the unplanned pregnancy comes home. But, in the midst of this weighty “interruption”, God was growing more than a baby; He was also birthing a ministry!​

Jim Sprague, Chief Executive Officer
Pregnancy Resource Center  www.prcforlife.org

Carla Ludwig’s life was moving along at a hectic but good pace. And why wouldn’t it be hectic when you’re a wife, a committed mother of six children, and a woman deeply engaged in sanctity of human life ministries! The day when Carla received the news that her youngest daughter was pregnant was the day her life took on new challenges, questions and a journey into the unknown with her heavenly Father.

 Carla shares her story in her book, “But God”, by asking why, how could this be, and how are we going to make sense of all this? Carla shares that, in the end, all life’s circumstances are allowed by God and are turned to good, no matter how they look to us at the time.

 Carla’s journey begins with news that brings shock, disbelief and struggles. But in the end she comes to a place of deeper trust in the Lord and the circumstances He allows her to experience. “But God” is a good read for anyone going through hard circumstances and looking for solid ground on which to stand. As Carla says, “join my journey.” 

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Carol Everett, Founder & CEO
Heidi Group, Round Rock, TX