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 Has God ever asked you to do something and you resisted?

Carla did! But God didn't give up.

With a step of faith, she followed God's leading.

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​​“Mom, will you come here? I need to tell you something."

Because I was busy downstairs, my first thought was, “Why don’t you come here?” But I went upstairs anyway. My daughter, Christina, and her boyfriend were sitting on the bed. She looked at me and said, “Mom, I’m in a little trouble. I’m pregnant!”

My daughter likes to joke around. So I looked at her, then her boyfriend, then back at her waiting for the punchline. It never came!

As you can imagine, a million thoughts were swirling through my head. Despite the chaos going on inside of me, I calmly said, “Well, I guess we should tell your dad.”  We went downstairs and shared the news with him.

Later that day, I was talking to God and sharing my struggles. Of course, I knew this was not God's best for my daughter, and I was concerned for her and my unborn grandchild's future.  "Did I not love my daughter enough? Did I not do enough so that she turned to someone else?"

I proceeded to mentally list all the extra things I had done for my daughter to prove to myself that I was a good mother.  "BUT GOD,  this is so unfair!"

God answered, “Look at what I’ve done for you! I gave My life for you, and you still choose to go your own way sometimes. And I’m a really good Father!"

And so the journey began.​

   Let Carla's journey encourage you!

     "But God" is the story of the journey that God led Carla Ludwig on after she found out her youngest daughter was going to be a single mom. 

     Despite her objections, God pursued Carla with His heart for single moms and His desire to share His heart with the world through the story of one single mom, her daughter, and the challenges she faced. 

     It is a story of affirmation that all life's circumstances allowed by God and are turned to good, no matter how they look at the

Is that hard to believe? Then join the journey.

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