A Dream session

We help your moms determine their interests, set motivation goals with a Dream (vision) board, and give them hope for their future.

We make them aware of the different avenues of career education that are available and how Hope for Single Moms can help them achieve their dream of financial self-sufficiency.  $40 donation to Hope for Single Moms.

Help! I Can't Pay the Bills!

​Are you working more than one job and still falling financially behind? Do you lack the skills you need to get a better-paying job? 
We believe getting trained in a trade will give you the financial stability you are looking for. 
We will help you cast a vision for yourself and your family. 
Learn about what educational opportunities are available for you. 
Find out a potential path to accomplishing your dream of providing well for your family. 

Consultations are no charge for individual referrals. Group sessions are $40 donation to Hope for Single Moms.

​​Staff and Volunteer Enrichment​​  $25 per session or $60 for all 3


As a client advocate, there's so much to talk about at that initial meeting.  How do we fit it all in?  This three part series on sharing the Gospel is set up so each session can stand alone.

Session One: Finding true love!
Our desire for love is often sought out from other people. But people often disappoint us. There is one person, Jesus, who will never disappoint you. Using something as simple as circles, you can share The Fall and God's unconditional love and gift of redemption through His Son in as little as 10 minutes.

Session Two: Religion or a relationship
Many of us know about Christ's substitutionary death on the cross, but have you ever had a client tell you life doesn't look a lot different now then before salvation? Or, what about the client who says she's tried religion and it just isn't working for her?  Do you wonder how to share about the abundant life in Christ, to have joy in the midst of difficult circumstances?  
The cross and swing diagrams are two simple tools you can use with your clients. 

Session Three: What do  you have in common with Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle? 

Using the story of Kate Middleton going from commoner to royalty as an analogy, we then use Galatians 2:20 to see the same change in our clients who have accepted the gift of salvation.

We can dispel the claim clients make that they've done too many bad things for God to love them. 

​  Don't see what you need? Let us know how we can serve you.

​​Call 616.485.7594 

And my God will supply all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Phil 4:19

Be Transformed Bible Study

​A nine-week, 90-minute session Bible study. The class opens with a discussion about God's Truths revealed through out the week after reflecting on five days of questions. The second half of the class is when the new teaching is presented. This is an opportunity to build on the foundations from the three workshops listed above, but the workshops are not a prerequisite for the study. This study gives practical, relatable analogies about God's Truths to share with your clients.

Once a client accepts the gift of salvation, this teaching assists you in discipling them as believers to exchange chaos, anxiety and frustration for peace and joy.

Cost of the book is $25/person.

Cost of the class is $25/person or $200 for 8 or more.

   Do you have a heart for single moms but don't live in West Michigan? 

​   For single mom groups:

    ​​For churches, small groups or home churches:


A Christ-Centered Approach to Helping Single Moms

Do you have single moms in your church? Are you unsure of their needs, how to best help them?
Single parents are a growing segment of our population. Nearly a quarter of female-headed households live below, with another quarter living 200% below poverty. 
Besides parenting alone, there are additional challenges to returning to school to get a better-than-minimum wage job. 

Learn what those challenges are and how you as a ministry leader or pastor can come alongside these families. 
As your congregation helps these families, they will reflect God’s love to them. 

$50 donation to Hope for Single Moms

​   For pregnancy care centers:

​​​​Banquet speaker

Has God ever asked you to do something and you said, "No!" Carla did. But God kept pursuing her.

Carla shares her journey from learning her daughter was going to be a single mom to how that led her to start Hope for Single Moms and a movement that empowers single moms to reach their potential. 

Banquet fee donation to Hope for Single Moms is $250 plus travel expenses outside West Michigan.

Consider becoming a Hope for Single Moms affiliate! 

Contact us and we will send you the affiliate start-up program on a flash drive or as a download for $47.

​Carla will meet with your community and give you an overview of the Chia and Friends program.

Learn how to determine 

  • the need for a Chia and Friends affiliate and
  • the financial feasibility for your community
  • the right Chia and Friends affiliate package for you.

​​​There is a consultation fee of $150 for 90 min via phone or in person plus travel outside of West Michigan